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Image Appreciation (PgDip/PgCert)

n/a (Full-time) / 2 years (PgDip), 1 year (PgCert) (Part-time) / n/a (Distance / E-Learning)

Teaching Session

Course Aims

The Image Appreciation programme, approved by the Society and College of Radiographers, offers knowledge and expertise to enable qualified healthcare professionals to carry out clinical image appreciation, acting as autonomous professionals, and use the results in the overall management of the patient.

Special Features

Course Description

Image appreciation is becoming a more significant feature of healthcare practice across a range of roles. This course, open to radiographers and a wide range of other healthcare professionals, will provide students from a diverse background with the chance to foster greater interprofessional links. Those healthcare professionals completing the course will have the opportunity to increase their evaluative and problem solving skills within the specialised area of image appreciation.

The programme is structured in a modular format and modules are run in short blocks of two to three days. Each module is credit rated at M-level according to the Credit and Qualifications Framework for Wales. Students may leave with any number of credits according to how many modules they successfully complete. The PgDip/PgCert can be studied on a part-time basis, with students completing 60 credits in one year for the PgCert or 120 credits over 2 years for the PgDip. Alternatively students can register to study one or two modules per year on a sessional basis.

Postgraduate Certificate: All students undertake a compulsory 30-credit module on Introduction to Image Appreciate and Evaluation, and then choose a further module from a possible three anatomical specialisations – Appendicular, Axial and Abdomen Image Appreciation.

Postgraduate Diploma: All students undertake a compulsory 30-credit module on Introduction to Image Appreciation and Evaluation, and then choose a minimum of a further two modules from a possible three anatomical specialisations – Appendicular, Axial and Chest and Abdomen Image Appreciation. Where necessary, students obtain the remaining credits necessary for the PgDip by choosing a module from the general postgraduate portfolio of modules run by the School of Healthcare Sciences.

Course Structure

Compulsory Module
Module title
Research Methods in Health and Social Care - 30 credits
HCT 075 Research methods in health and social care (Distance learning) - 30 credits
Optional Modules
Module title
HCT132 Ethics in Health and Social Care - 10 credits
HCT147 Health and Safety and Radiation Protection - 30 credits
HCT251 Education in Practice – Personal and Professional Development of Self and Others - 30 credits
HCT101 Introduction to Image Appreciation and Evaluation - 30 credits
HCT102 Appendicular Image Appreciation - 30 credits
HCT103 Axial Image Appreciation - 30 credits
HCT104 Chest and Abdomen Image Appreciation - 30 credits
HCT106 Appendicular Reporting - 30 credits
HCT107 Axial Reporting - 30 credits
HCT108 Chest and Abdomen Reporting - 30 credits
HCT053 Clinical Competence in Mammography - 30 credits
HCT254 Image Guided Intervention and Procedures of the Breast - 30 credits

Skills Acquired

On completion of the course, students should be able to fully describe the image appearance and discriminate between normal and abnormal with a sensitivity and specificity of 80%.

Entry Requirements

Suitable for professionals who may need to use image appreciation in their role. Students admitted to the course should be in possession of either a first degree or a diploma in the relevant field. At least two years of clinical/fieldwork education is required.

Non-native speakers of the English language must satisfy the Minimum University requirements (e.g. 6.5 IELTS).


Note: International students pursuing part-time programmes of study are not eligible for Tier 4 (General Student) visas and must have alternative leave to remain in the UK if they intend to study at the University in person.

Tuition Fees:

  • UK & EU Part Time (fees are for 2015/16, unless otherwise stated):
    for PgCert. Diploma fee = £2,925
  • International Part Time (fees are for 2015/16, unless otherwise stated):
    for PgCert. Diploma fee = £8,750

Next intake: September each year

School Contact

Name: Ms Dianne Martin  

Telephone: +44 (0)29 2068 7795 



School Website:

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